About Our Campaign


We are calling on all Canadian call centre employers to adopt the Hang Up on Abuse Policy, empowering their workers to end or pass on abusive calls - without fear of losing their jobs. We hope that this website provides a much needed space for call centre workers to share their stories and find resources and allies who support stopping abuse.


  • Give call centre workers the ability to hang up on abusive calls.
  • Train managers on how to support call centre workers who had a bad client.
  • Issue a warning and flag callers who have a history of harassing staff.
  • Deny repeat abusers use of your service.
  • Create a zero tolerance policy that reports all violent and/or sexual threats to the police.
  • Ensure that there will be no retribution against or disciplining of call centre workers who report abuse.

Who We Are

This awareness campaign is run by current and former call centre workers who are members of United Steelworkers Canada and Telecommunications Workers Union Local 1944. Our union represents thousands of call centre workers with various employers all across Canada.

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