"It cuts me to the core of my being"

I am a 54-year-old gay man, with a loving partner of 18 years, and a beautiful 10-year-old dog who gives me tremendous joy.

I am an active volunteer and on the board of my co-op. I am people pleaser who is fulfilled by breaking down barriers that prevent others from having a full and enjoyable life.

I have been called an "f'***ing faggot" multiple times, been told that there is a rifle being aimed at my head through the window. This in addition to being yelled at and sworn at on a daily basis due to the generally extensive wait times and the poor quality of offshore directory assistance.

It cuts me to the core of my being. I have stood up against violence and bullies my entire life. To have to face it as part of my job devalues my self worth, fills me with anxiety and makes me question my values.

Educate the public that abuse is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. I have the right to work with dignity and respect. I have the right to refuse to serve people who verbally assault me.