"I curse the woman who gave birth to you."

I live alone. Taking the job one day at a time.

Multiple times in every shift. Constant. Verbal Abuse. Death Threats. Sexual Depravity.

One call that resonates with me still today is the man that said, "I curse the woman that gave birth to you." My mother had died two weeks prior to that call.

Another: "I'm going to find you and blow your f****ing head off." And the litany goes on.

I'm called the "C" word. I've been told to "f***ing die b***h." I've been screamed at volumes I didn't know the human voice could reach without amplification equipment.

Chronic stress headaches. Burning/upset stomach. Poor sleep. Mood swings. Self-esteem/self confidence has been eroded to a point that I am incapable of thinking I deserve anything better. The steady barrage has made me basically give up. I do the job to pay the bills. I self-talk myself to deal with it: "If you want to have a roof over your head."

These people have to be held accountable for the abuse they are inflicting. Fines. Bans. A registry for chronic offenders. Three strikes you're out. No longer one of our customers. A bit over the top you say? Will it be, if one day the guy that threatens to blow someone's "f***ing head off" succeeds?