"Do you know what the outcome was for me, after being verbally abused by you?"

Dear Customer,

We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago in regards to our service. As you know, I apologized to you because you were not happy with our technical problems and charges. Being a customer myself, I completely understand how frustrating it is when I do not get flawless amenity to what I pay for it.  I also understood and appreciated that you put your trust on Company XXX to do business with. 

However, despite all the things that I did for that day, including a great offer (discount) on your service for the next six months, and listening very attentively to every word you said, in return you verbally abused me using explicit words, which really left me in trauma in terms of psychology. 

As a human being, I believe you are more than 100% sure that I was not at fault for your service, which was not going well, so I wonder what made you so angry at me instead being frustrated with our service? Was it because I am an employee of Company XXX, or do you usually enjoy or believe that you have every right to abuse any frontline agent in Canada? Was it also because of that famous quotation that we commonly see, “Customer is always right”?

Do you know what the outcome was for me after being verbally abused by you? I was completely exhausted emotionally, and did not know what to do after we ended the call. I was wondering whether to continue taking calls, or should I go home for the day? I became perplexed, and started developing a phobia, like, what if my next call will be an abusive caller like you? Since I have a family, and being the only member of my household who is working, I had no other option than working in an environment where any customer can abuse me verbally at any time during the call. During this circumstance, I can't defend myself or hang up the call.

When I reached home that day, I poured my anger on my wife on small minor things, simply because I couldn’t control my frustration that I had carried with me from work to home today. As days passed by, I have started feeling numbness inside me, heavy head, and often chest pain, I had developed an anxiety disorder. I respect people, so I used to believe that people will also respect me and there is nothing wrong believing in it as we live in a first world country. It is very frustrating and appalling to talk to Canadian customers like you where Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

The next couple of weeks I had to visit my family physician as I was not feeling well. I developed hypertension (high blood pressure), but luckily my physician told me that I do not have to worry at the moment as she will keep monitoring my blood pressure every two months. Later, she will decide whether to give me medication or not for hypertension. This occurred due to your verbal abuse after our conversation. I kept carrying this stress and thought every day, and used to think whether I can cope with this mental and psychological trauma.

When I visited my family physician the following week, she recommended me to leave my employer as my stress hadn’t subsided.

In conclusion, I would like to point out to you that many employees like me who work in call centres, banks or any customer relations job, often suffer from stress and emotion mainly because customers like you lack respect and empathy towards employees like me who always provides the best advice. But, on the contrary, we do not get any value. Hence, we lose our interest and passion to serve people like you and start looking for a different type of job unlike customer service.