Less Valuable

I'm a wife and mother and I have worked in several different fields - a high risk youth counselor, a lender and investments at a large bank, owned my own store front and now work at XXX as an agent.

When I was in care, I'd get abusive customers a few times a week.

My first day of coaching camp was right after a $5 increase on high speed internet. I received a call of a client that was very upset regrading the increase and demanded I reduce her cost. The client did not qualify for discounts and I attempted to explain this. She became escalated, swearing and name calling.

The client became frustrated that up we could not reduce her costs. She told me "I am going to shoot you in the f***ing face. I have guns and I will come down to XXX and I will shoot you." I explained that she can not threaten to shoot people.

My coaching camp coach overheard this and once the client hung up on me, it was reported to manager.

I was shocked by this. It amazed me that someone felt that they could talk to another human being like this.

The police were called, the client stated I was lying and she wanted me fired. The conversation was, of course, recorded.

Ultimately, I did not feel supported by XXX. They never came to my defense or told this customer that this is not acceptable by XXX. XXX did not refuse her as a client after being extremely abusive and making death threats. The client cancelled her service with XXX because she stated I was a liar and she wanted me fired. XXX would not confirm to her whether or not I was terminated.

If a client becomes abusive we should be allowed to end the call. All calls are recorded and can be reviewed by management. If a client is repeatedly abusive, services should be discontinued due to abusive behavior.

If a customer walked into a bank and threatened to shoot someone in the face charges would be laid. But because it is a call centre, we are less valuable?

It amazes me that an employer can insist an employee not only put up with abuse but we are instructed to bend over backwards to reward this bad behavior by being empathetic, accepting responsibility and issuing discounts/credits that we would not have applied if there were polite.

If XXX protected their employees against abuse, put our emotional well being before a dollar, there would be a huge decline in the abusive calls and the credits/discounts so wrongfully given. Word would get out quickly that if you abuse a XXX employee your services will be discontinued immediately. People would no longer be rewarding bad behaviour, and clients would start behaving appropriately.