"The manager told us in 2012 that if we terminate calls, we would be fired."

I'm 36 years old. A solo parent. Been with our company for 18 years now. My parents care for my son while I work. My dad had a stroke and my mom does not drive. I do most of the transportation for my parents. 

A client was saying cunt and that he would track me down and get a manager right fucking now. Due to the operations manager telling us in 2012 that if we terminate calls we would be fired, I got an escalation manager to take the call. The call should never have been transferred. It should have been terminated and the service request should have been cancelled. Made me feel worthless.

I'd like the beginning recorded message to state that abuse will not be tolerated. As an employee, I am sickened at the level of abuse of some clients. These accounts are extensively noted about the abusive nature and still we are treated like whores and forced to deal with it.