I am a front line representative in XXX. I have been working for XXX since 2008.

I had one caller where she was constantly attacking me. She said that I am a b***ch, c**t, etc. I am refusing to help her and she knows I can't hang up the phone on her. So she was going to stay on the line with me until she gets what she wants.

I reached out to my support person to see if I could release the call because I could no longer handle the abuse. I was told that I couldn't release the call and to try my best to de-escalate the caller.

By this time, I was in tears. I told my support person that I was in tears and at that point they came out and took the call from me.

I generally don't let calls get to me, however this call did . It's different when a caller is upset and yelling and screaming, but this caller was personally attacking me as a person.

I tried to de-escalate the situation, however I was not able to get a word in. Every time she stopped and I tried to talk, I would get cut off.

This call made me feel really bad, it hurt me emotionally and felt as though no one should have to take this. No one should be spoken to like this.

The release policy should be lifted. We should be allowed to offer a customer 3 warnings before releasing the call.

Everyone has a different meaning of abuse, everyone experiences abuse in different ways. Yes, I totally agree that there should be guidelines for releasing a call.

I believe XXX should not allow us to take abuse. It isn't fair. If we do get a bad call and need time to collect ourselves, then this should be allowed as well. We shouldn't be expected to jump right back into the queue to take another call when we haven't 100% collected ourselves. That isn't fair to us, neither is it fair to the next caller.